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Empowering Industries with Smart Solutions and AI-driven Efficiency

Discover the transformative power of Aqualink Bangladesh Limited, a pioneering force in empowering industries with smart IoT solutions and AI-driven efficiency. Our comprehensive range of cutting-edge IoT devices and sophisticated management software is meticulously crafted to gather and analyze data, enabling businesses to optimize processes with unparalleled precision through advanced AI algorithms. By partnering with us, you will embark on a journey of digital transformation, unlocking the full potential of the IoT ecosystem to drive innovation, sustainability, and growth in your organization.

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Aqualink's Ecosystems

IoT & Industrial Automation

Specializes in IoT and embedded systems services, powering smart cities, enterprises, factories, homes, and vehicles. Harness the potential of IoT with Aqualink for seamless integration and transformative solutions

Web Application Development

Deliver exceptional services, crafting innovative solutions tailored to your business needs. Our team guarantees timely delivery and a seamless user experience, elevating your online presence for growth and success.

Mobile Application Development

Excels in App development, creating custom solutions that cater to your specific business requirements. Our skilled team ensures top-notch quality and delivers user-friendly mobile apps that enhance customer experience.

Business Intelligence

We offer business intelligence as a service, empowering businesses with valuable insights and data-driven decision-making. Leverage our expertise to unlock the full potential of your data and drive strategic growth.

AI and Machine Learning

Offers artificial intelligence and machine learning services to extract insights from unstructured data. Our analyses and actionable recommendations boost efficiency, customer relations, and growth.

Solution Consultancy

Provides expert consultancy services, offering strategic guidance and valuable insights to propel your business forward. Benefit from our specialized expertise and unlock the full potential of your organization.

Why choose Aqualink? 


Diversity and inclusion are the key operator of creativity, innovation and invention. We want to create the diversity and inclusive consciousness fragment in industrial revolution of bangladesh.Mission: Aqualink Bangladesh Limited's mission statement serves as a beacon, defining the purpose and core focus of the organization within the context of the Bangladeshi industrial landscape. It articulates the company's commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion as catalysts for creativity, innovation, and progress in the industrial revolution of Bangladesh. By emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusivity, Aqualink Bangladesh Limited aims to create a consciousness that drives positive change and sets a new standard for the industry.


Looking ahead, Aqualink Bangladesh Limited's vision statement embodies its long-term aspirations and goals for the future. It envisions a landscape where the company provides top-quality products, services, and solutions that exceed customer expectations and earn their unwavering respect and loyalty. By delivering exceptional value and maintaining a customer-centric approach, Aqualink Bangladesh Limited aims to be a trusted leader in the industry, driving innovation and setting new benchmarks for excellence.


At the heart of Aqualink Bangladesh Limited lie its core values of innovation, efficiency, customization, and exceptional service. These values serve as the guiding principles that shape the company's culture, operations, and interactions with stakeholders. By upholding a commitment to innovation, efficiency, customization, and superior service, Aqualink Bangladesh Limited sets itself apart as a company that prioritizes excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction in all aspects of its business.

From Problem to Innovation: Our Seamless Work Process

Our practical work process transforms problems into innovative solutions. We begin by identifying challenges and leveraging thorough research and industry expertise to design practical solutions. Prototyping and rigorous quality checks ensure a refined final product that meets the highest standards. Customer feedback is valued throughout, allowing us to continuously improve and deliver impactful solutions that address real-world problems.

Problem Identification

We meticulously analyze your requirements and objectives, identifying the key challenges and pain points that need to be addressed for an effective solution.

Design Solution

Our experienced team conceptualizes and designs a comprehensive solution, taking into account factors such as user experience, functionality, and scalability, ensuring a well-rounded approach.

R & D

Conduct thorough research & development to innovative technologies, industry best practices, and emerging trends, enhancing the effectiveness and competitiveness of our solutions.

Prototype Design

We create a functional prototype that serves as a tangible representation of the proposed solution, allowing for testing, validation, and feedback before proceeding to the production phase.

Production of Final Product

Using state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we meticulously manufacture and assemble the final product, adhering to rigorous quality standards and ensuring consistency and reliability.

Quality Check

Each product undergoes a comprehensive quality assurance process, including rigorous testing and inspection at various stages, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of performance, durability, and safety.

Customer Feedback

We value your feedback and actively seek input from customers to gather valuable insights, enabling us to refine and enhance our products, ensuring they align with customer expectations and preferences

Machine Learning & AI

Our solutions leverage cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, enabling advanced data analysis, predictive capabilities, and automation, delivering smarter and more efficient outcomes.


Abdul Ghafur Bashir, MD

 Abdul Ghafur Bashir, our esteemed Managing Director, leads with vision and dedication. With his invaluable international experience, Iris enhances financial understanding and drives improvement, propelling our company to new heights.

Niaz Sharif Shourove, COO

Our dynamic Chief Operating Officer, Niaz Sharif Shourove, is instrumental in steering our company to its current success. Renowned for strategic acumen, he stands among the industry's best minds, driving operations with innovation and excellence.

Masnur Rahman, CPDO

Masnur Rahman, our esteemed Chief of Production & Development Officer, epitomizes unwavering dedication to his role. Aline is an iconic figure, deeply passionate about his work. He mentors over 100 in-house developers and oversees a thriving community of thousands, embodying our commitment to excellence and innovation.  

Sayed Rizban Hossain, CTO

Sayed Rizban Hossain, our visionary CTO and Founder, leads with passion and expertise. His hands-on approach guides software development, marketing, and customer experience strategies, ensuring excellence and innovation.


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